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Pushing the forefront of fashion and innovation

Our aim is to reinvent the customer experience by pushing the forefront of fashion and innovation. We've teamed up with a renowned Italian fragrance house to fashion our collection. We only work with organic premium ingredients and hand-bottle our fragrances in the Netherlands.

While the investigation for mixable perfumes started in 2001 the first tests were done in 2007. From 2008 and onwards several case studies were made on the concept of interactive mixable perfumes. In 2013 SCENTUS was founded to provide high-quality mixable perfumes worldwide.

SCENTUS developed for our generation

When we develop fragrances we look closely at our generation. The way we spend our time, enjoy our lives and most of all looked at the things that interest us.

With this reflection, we develop the interactive fragrances for our generation. Fragrances, that when applied are in tune with you and your lifestyle.

Only the finest natural ingredients have been used to produce the SCENTUS fragrances. All SCENTUS fragrances are high quality mixable eau de perfumes based on eight decades of knowledge.

Our drive is to excel your scent experience.

If you love perfumes like we do, you will be amazed about the rich experience you get from the scent you can create with SCENTUS.

The SCENTUS dispensers contain natural perfumes that are produced in Europe. Because these perfumes have been carefully attuned you can only succeed in discovering new scents when mixing.

Our mission is to provide fragrances that are in tune with your life.