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What are interactive fragrances?

The fragrances that are part of a set have been composed to work individually as well in combined to offer a refined scent.

How do SCENTUS interactive fragrances work?

When two or three fragrances are combined, the different fragrance tones interact to with transmit an unique scent.

How do I know if I like SCENTUS interactive fragrances?

The fragrance sets that we provide have been carefully attuned to our generation. A generation that loves easy and quality products. The scents we use for our fragrances have a very refined scent discharge, like no other scent on the market today within its price range.

How long can I use the interactive fragrances?

The interactive fragrances can be used for a timespan of three years, if kept closed, out of direct sunlight or nearby hot objects.

What are tips for applying the SCENTUS interactive fragrances?

The interactive fragrances can be applied directly on your body, just like regular fragrances. If you use more fragrances of a set together, you could either spray / overlay the different fragrances or spray the different fragrances on different body parts.

Where are the SCENTUS interactive fragrances produced?

The interactive fragrances are developed and produced in Europe. The most refined ingredients from biodynamic agriculture grown plants are used for the production of our fragrances.

What standards do SCENTUS interactive fragrances apply to?

The Scentus fragrances are produced in complying with IFRA regulations*

Do you ship internationally?

Since we use standard shipping, you can order our product in almost all countries around the world.

Are your products tested on animals?

No animals were used nor harmed during our tests or production of our products.